Monday, June 09, 2014

City of Dust Featured at Like the Dew

I pretty much can't bear to read articles about myself. Luckily, I don't have to do it very often! In this case, the pain is balanced out by the fact that the piece was written by the excellent Columbia, South Carolina-based author Tom Poland and published at "Like the Dew: A Journal of Southern Culture and Politics." Mostly about my photography in Georgia and South Carolina, it does lead off with a sly reference to a Replacements song they've actually been playing recently (and, no, it's not Left of the Dial). Thanks to Tom for being so kind to myself and City of Dust.

You can find the feature and attendant photos HERE.

I should have a post on Monticello, New Mexico up in the next couple days. I'm pretty happy with some of the photos I took, so that's always a good start. More soon!


CoastConFan said...

Congratulation on getting some recognition for your work. People tend to overlook blogs as a source because they are not “print”, but that bias is fast disappearing.

jmhouse said...

Thanks, CoastConFan! While it's true that blogs might've once been considered "unreliable"--and I'll concede that many still are--I can't think of a faster way to compile the best known information on a subject and then provide a forum for others to contribute additional background and verification.

I do like print, but I could never reach as many people with it nor get such instant gratification. (Or include so many photos!) JM