Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The First Post

Well, here is the first post of this blog. I'm not really going to keep up a day-by-day run down of my comings and goings. Trust me, you don't care. Instead, I'll be posting photos and descriptions of forgotten places, abandoned buildings, and their surroundings. I'll try to inject as much historical information as I know, though it will sometimes be slim. Also, I'll describe a little something about the (mis) adventures that led to the pictures and maybe throw in some outright lies if all else fails. And I'll try to stay on task at all times. Really.

At the moment, I'm waiting for a new city to beckon to me but for the last year and a half I've lived in Augusta, Georgia. Augusta is the second largest city in Georgia, but you wouldn't know it by driving through downtown. The city center, although attempts at revitalization are underway, is largely vacant, the victim of suburbanization and the desire of most folks to shop in safe, pleasant malls. The city is old, worn-out, run-down, and oft-maligned. But, you know, the town has got soul. It's no coincidence James Brown hails from just across the Savannah River in Beech Island. But it's also probably no coincidence he developed an affection for angel dust and interstate police chases.

So, at least at first, I'm going to focus on Augusta and dig a little bit into my archives to showcase what I liked best about the town. Of course, what I think is cool about the city is going to be a PR person's nightmare. If you want to go to Hooter's, hit the multiplex, or practice your putting, there's other parts of Augusta for that. But if you want to see old farmhouses, decaying brick factories, abandoned movie theaters, and cypress swamps, then this is the place.

I sort of thought I was one of a very few people that took pleasure in urban decay and general dilapidation. But, lo and behold, I've found there's plenty of people of similar (questionable) taste. I should just mention DETROITBLOG right off the bat. I'm going to try to steer clear of going about things in the way that John does since he does it so well. I simply can't compete. But, let me say it right now: I'm not ripping him off! I swear! Hell, Augusta looks nothing like Detroit! There's plenty of other sites out there documenting the architecture of decay (and the decay of architecture) and I'll throw up some links once I get a chance. But for now, until I get things rolling proper, goodnight.

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Unknown said...

Also unrelated: Evidently there are a TON of nuclear reactors around Savannah River. I noticed this while just scanning the area on Google maps for the first two years of your blog, and learned more about it through reading your posts. I was surprised by the sheer combined size of the sites... and I've been to Palo Verde before!