Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Please Stand By

It's been awhile. The past month has seen one trip to Urgent Care, dozens of games of Surfin' Safari pinball played, thousands of acres of forest walked, millions of mosquito bites, and a handful of rare goblin fern sightings. Each rare plant find prevented a stand from being logged. For the moment, there's no time to do a "proper" post, whatever that would be, so this is just to get the date stamp to look a bit more reasonable. Also, let me just say, I've watched more CNN over the past month than in my entire life previous. What happened following Hurricane Katrina was a tragedy on countless levels. It was terrible to watch and my heart aches for the people of New Orleans and their lovely city. May that voodoo spirit bring it back to life quickly. To see some past posts that included photos and words about New Orleans you can go here, here, or here. For a post on Hurricane Ivan, go here. Anyway, these shots are of the Superior National Forest, just off the Gunflint Trail in northern Minnesota. Otherwise, please stand by, a real post will be with you shortly.

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