Monday, October 10, 2005

This Night

This night is unwelcome. The wind has risen, the sun has set too soon. Beyond the window, black birds are gathering in the tree tops. The birds speak to you; you try to believe you don’t understand what they are saying. Would that you could sleep. To awake on the other side, the danger passed, was once easy. The dawn arose clean and forgetful. But now there comes a knock at the door that you need not answer, for he will show himself in.

This gothic prose interlude was brought to you by the month of October. We will return to our regular program next time. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the North side of Chicago make an appearance. Too bad the scorched grass in the graveyard didn't come through better. Your shot or mine?

jmhouse said...

Nah, 'tis mine. That digital camera is pretty crummy and I only use it every once in a blue moon. Both the second and third photos look less-than-stellar. Still, I wanted to get some North Side cemetery documentation up.