Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Loss for Words & Other Stories: Excerpts from 10 Years of City of Dust

I decided to start 2015 off here at City of Dust by collecting all of the NON-HISTORICAL posts from the last 10 years and putting them in a book. While I hoped to actually START 2015 this way, I found it's a bit challenging to compile a book. So, now I'm ALMOST starting 2015 with this anthology.

A Loss For Words & Other Stories: Excerpts from 10 Years of City of Dust, collects all the fiction, random stories, and vignettes that I've published here since 2004 (although the first of these didn't appear until 2005) and puts them in one place, rescuing them from obscurity, if you will. Here's the jacket description:

"A well-known novelist in free-fall returns to his former life only to play a role in its final, heart-rending destruction. What he does next throws his own survival into question, and may decide the fates of near-strangers that he has quickly grown to care about. A disturbing episode in a crowded Waffle House pushes a faltering relationship past its breaking point. An elderly man pays yet another visit to the site of a tragedy that has colored his entire life. A Loss for Words & Other Stories collects 10 years' worth of such tales, often depicting the human side of decay and abandonment. A journal of the author's frequently harrowing experiences while performing vegetation surveys throughout the remote Cumberland Plateau region of eastern Tennessee is also included.

"In 2004, John Mulhouse started the City of Dust blog, dedicated to photo-documentation of the numerous derelict historic buildings and abandoned places along the Georgia-South Carolina border. Over time, occasional fictional (and not-so-fictional) pieces began to make their way onto City of Dust. The majority of these are contained in this anthology."

Copies of the book can be obtained for $15.00 + shipping through AMAZON. You can also get it for KINDLE. I do have copies to distribute myself, as well, and if you'd like a signature and/or inscription I'd be happy to do that. I can also sell a bit cheaper than other sources. Books directly from me are $15.00 with shipping included. If you're interested in going that route, just drop me a line at: jmhouse(at)cityofdust(dot)com.

Thanks everyone for your continued interest over the years. Here's to another ten!


Randy Cantu said...

Just orderd a copy. Have enjoyed your work over the years.

jmhouse said...

Thank you very much, Randy Cantu! I really appreciate that and am thrilled to know that you've been following for *years*.

Incidentally, I hope to start getting some more historical posts up soon. The first part of this year has been a little out of control and City of Dust has been languishing too long.

Thanks again! JM

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

Anonymous said...

Hello, just saw this blog on a road trip from Texas to Clovis to Abq. Provided much entertainment as a passenger traveling past these towns. Looked at your book description on Amazon -- does it only contain information/stories on GA and SC areas (excluding NM blog excepts)? Much enjoyed what I've read from City of Dust. Thank you!


jmhouse said...

Hi Caryn,

Thanks for your comment. The book doesn't contain any of the historical information that is on City of Dust. It's a compilation of all the "creative writing" exercises I've engaged in over the years. The book is divided by theme into The Midwest, The Desert, and The South.

For a sample, here's one story that's included in "The Desert": THE MONSOON.

I'm glad you've enjoyed City of Dust! JM