Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Heat Wave

Las Vegas, Nevada: 117 degrees F. Death Valley, California: 129 degrees F. My old home, Augusta, Georgia: 100 degrees F (heat index=110). Twenty-four people dead in Phoenix, Arizona, where it's now been 100+ F for as long as anyone cares to remember. The Weather Channel running a story entitled, "Save your pet from heat exhaustion." Man, it's hot. So, here are some photos from cooler times. This is Grand Marais, Minnesota, up by the Canadian Border, sometime last February. Looks good now, doesn't it? I was cold as hell when I took these photos, a brutal north wind coming at me right off Lake Superior. But, let's forget that for now and just admire the ice. Actually, up here we didn't even make it to 70 degrees F today, so I'm not entirely sure what the rest of the country is complaining about. If you want further frosty photos I posted some others here awhile back. Just remember to keep your head down when those thunderstorms start rollin' through.


matt said...

Ah, thanks. Last week we had six 100 degree plus days in a row. Personally, I prefer the cold, and your photos remind me of that.

Smoove D said...

The bottom shot is gorgeous. Great idea for a post as well. It's only in the high 90s here in Atlanta. After spending two years in the heart of Texas, I'm not impressed until it's 110.

homemade said...

I saw you in March. It was snowing. It sucked. Mind you, so does 100+. Come back to your homeland - England (where it's always 50 degrees and damp. :o)